Pride comes before a fall

Davey Pattison. Photo by Alan Howard


Saturday 24 May 2008, Club Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PR


Tonight, Robin Trower and Aynsley Lister gave their audience, in Manchester, a night to remember!


This day being a Bank Holiday in the UK, the weekend traffic on the motorway from London to Manchester had been horrendous. So much so that it sounded, speaking with Pete and Davey before the show, like the band had had little or no time to sound check.

But there was some slightly more concerning news.

Sometime after the gig in London, Glenn had had a fall and taken a knock. He would play tonight’s show, regardless. It sounded quite serious, but then again, was this a Thompson / Pattison wind-up?


Robin Trower and Glenn Letsch. Photo by Alan Howard


Would the guys make a joke out of such misfortune or for that matter would they have had time to organise the bar stool now carefully positioned in front of Glenn’s bass rig? Er, no, definitely not!

For about one nano-second, I panicked, worrying the injury might be more serious than Pete and Davey were letting on?

Cue Aynsley. The band tore into their opener ‘Falling Down’ [no pun intended] with customary gusto. The set, a much rockier affair tonight, was somewhat curtailed albeit we were treated to two knock-out blows.


Pete Thompson. Photo by Alan Howard


To the head, Aynsley’s killer tune ‘With me tonight’. I defy any Trower fan not to fall in love with its fabulous construction of light, shade and ‘a-chord-sequence-to-die-for’. What a number, my personal Lister set favourite.

To the heart, a tune called ‘Angel O’ Mine’, tonight making a rare appearance on this tour. Great stuff!

Cue the RTB. I can report Glenn came out of the blocks first, onto the stage looking his usual ‘cool as a cucumber’ self. No stretcher case, phew! He dished out every note effortlessly, serving it up with oodles of his usual helpings of professionalism, playfulness and panache.


Davey Pattison. Photo by Alan Howard


The Manchester crowd, oblivious to any injury time, rose magnificently to the occasion and did their job brilliantly. Spurring our heroes on, they cheered and clapped every song and every solo. Pete, Davey, Robin and Glenn went for it big time and, by the end, you could tell, they had fun too!

It was a tough three points, seemingly just slightly doubtful at first, but they never ever looked like giving in and pushed on to secure an impressive victory. (Dear reader, I hope the telling of this tale untold makes some sort of sense).

On the night that British boxing champion, Ricky Hatton made his own triumphant return to Manchester, this is Alan Howard for ‘Steve’s Place’ reporting from the ClubAcademy in the City’s fast improving University district. 24 May 2008.


On stage in Sheffield. Photo by Alan Howard


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