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Michael Parker, Stone Sole River:
We really enjoyed the gig, both playing and getting to watch Trower, I've been a  big fan of his work for many years so to get to open for him was a  blast!

We toyed with the idea of doing all of 'I can't wait much longer'  but didn't want to step on anyones toes so to speak, if we get another date with Robin we'll do the whole thing for ya!

Off the back of that gig we've  just secured a UK tour support with Joe Bonamassa in Sept/Oct! We'll be back up to the Rescue Rooms Sept 26th. Don't know if you know any of his work, he's a  stunning guitar player, should be right up your street!

Steve Maddox, Wokingham, Berkshire:
I've got tickets to see Robin at the 'Brook' in Southampton on the 26th April and can't quite believe that I'll be seeing him again.  The last time was in Manchester during the 'Victims of the Fury' tour in 1980 (a long time ago!).  
   I didn't think I would ever see him in concert again.  Of course, Robin was still playing with 'Mr Voice' (the late great Mr James Dewar RIP) and the wonderful Bill Lordan on the 'Victims tour'.
    I missed the UK gigs last year but have recently got hold of the new DVD and I like the new band. Robin, of course, sounds as good as ever!  The interview on the DVD is also great.
   My favourite tracks...too many to mention but how about 'Shame the Devil', 'In this Place', 'Daydream', 'Lady Love' and 'Little Girl'.  I also just loved all the funky R&B stuff  he did on 'In City Dreams' - a very underrated album and one in the eye for all the critics who thought Robin was just a Hendrix clone. 
   Of course, Jimi was a big influence (as he was and is to loads of musicians), but Robin has his own sound and I'm not sure he's ever fully gotten credit for that (although the Fender 'Trower signature' guitar was a nice tribute).

JoAnn Humphries, USA:
I am going to see Trower in June at Jaxx in Springfield,VA. I’ve been dying to hear Robin play ‘Fine Day’. I have seen him a few times and he’s never played the song. I was wondering if you had an email address that I could possibly send this request to. I would really appreciate if you were able to help out me out. Thank you.

Martin Hughes looking forward to the band’s 2006 dates in the UK:
Can it really be a year ago since our dreams began?

John Golby, Feb 2006:
Thank God someone else digs Robin Trower! I first heard him on Kid Jensen’s ‘Dimensions’ show very late at night in 1974 and without knowing who he was I’d assumed it was Hendrix jamming with Paul Rodgers. Once I found out I became a fan for life. I also remember the gig at Wembley in 1976. It’s great that the man continues to bring out such good music!

Mike Williamson after the gig at The Gala Theatre, Durham, the last date on the Autumn 2005 UK Tour:
This was the fourth time I've seen him play on this UK tour and I thought this was the best of the lot -  great theatre, top sound and the man himself in superb form! As usual, he put himself about with the fans after the show and he is such a pleasure to talk to. Come back soon!

Ray Martin after the Durham 2005 show:
Robin has IMHO never sounded so fresh. This was quite simply the best Robin Trower gig I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

Ron ‘Captain Dallas’ Love:
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your review of the Durham show! I envy both you and Ray for having been able to experience THIS band at THIS time, a genuinely unique experience!

John H after the Ferry debacle in Glasgow:
Last night I travelled from the west coast of Scotland by ferry to see my hero play in Glasgow only to be gutted by the news that Robin had walked out because of hassle with some officials. I was left there totally pissed off and having put out for hotel and ferry fares. I find it sad that no consideration was given to the fans at all and I’m disappointed that I did not get to hear Robin after following him for so long. I can only hope that he finds an alternative venue and makes up for the upset caused.
Ed’s note: Of course, it wasn’t Robin’s fault at all but for those of us left standing in the queue this is what we were actually told by security. For the full story visit Steve Shail’s page on the subject here! Also I am the only fan who has yet to receive a refund from the Ferry?

Peter Allen after the early shows on the Spring 2005 UK Tour:
I saw Robin on the 1975 tour at the old Liverpool Stadium (now bull-dozed) and he was awesome. I saw him again at the Liverpool Empire in 1980 on the ‘Victims’ tour and then, like other UK fans, fell into depression as he didn't tour the UK again fully until this year. I’ve just seen him in Manchester and Bilston, and I'm going to Fleetwood. He's been absolutely stunning!

Tom Connor after the South Shields show, Spring 2005:
I got to see Robin live at the City Hall in Newcastle on 22 February 1976. Never thought I’d get to see him again ‘til recently when I went to the Customs House on 17 April this year. It was a fantastic night, I’ll never forget it! He signed my 1976 City Hall ticket.

Karen Wilson after The Robin 2 gig on the Spring 2005 tour:
I first heard him in 1980 on BBC2’s ‘Rock Goes To College’ and it stopped me in my tracks. I was into rock, especially 60's stuff, but I heard Robin play and that was it - I was hooked!  There was a lot of stuff from ‘Victims of the Fury’ on that show and to this day I have a particularly soft spot for that album as it was the first one I bought.  The rest followed from there - I then got ‘Robin Trower Live!’ Daydream is perhaps my favourite track (but it changes on a regular basis)!  I always wanted to hear him play live and I never thought I would - until now! And I'm so glad I have. I really hope he tours theUK again,

Ken Edwards in 2005:
I saw Robin at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham last Wednesday, first time for over 30 years!!! He is still a fantastic guitar player and even at age 60! I saw him first at Hul lUniversity on 22 February 1975 and then again at the Reading Festival on 23 August, also that year.







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