Filfillingness Fleetwood Finale

Grand Finale. Photo by Alan Howard


Saturday 31 May 2008, The Marine Hall, The Esplanade, Fleetwood FY7 6HF


Wow! You can sense the huge relief emanating from both sets of musicians on stage tonight as they rattle off their respective sets. It must feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from their shoulders. Yes folks, it’s over. Tomorrow, they rest!


We’re up on the North West coast of England, a short tram journey from Blackpool [“that’s noted for fresh air and fun”]. Signed, sealed and delivered in the small seaside town of Fleetwood, once the home of a substantial deep sea fishing fleet.

A big ‘thank you’ and congratulations to local promoter, Alan Pearson and all at the Tower Blues Club for netting this gig and securing the “last show” slot on the tour roster.


Pete Spoons Thompson. Photo by Alan Howard


The Marine’s main hall with its signature ceiling light and glass feature is half ballroom [standing room only to the stage] and half cabaret seating [to the back wall and sound desk]. As a venue, it’s definitely a “jack of all trades”.

Two, ten-foot high stacks of P.A. speaker cabs have been dumped on the ballroom floor, one to the left, one to the right of the stage. They are obviously not part of the furniture having been especially imported for tonight’s guitar fest.

Up close, the sound is absolutely deafening. Is this a 5 or 55k rig? Suffice to say, my ears ring for the best part of a week afterwards but, hey what, all in love is fair.


Davey. Photo by Alan Howard

Davey. Photo by Alan Howard


Aynsley Lister gets to play Master Blaster first. His outstanding highlight of the night is an exquisite, impromptu Prince cover. ‘Purple Rain’ is dedicated to Laurie and Guy for their sterling, sound stewardship of the Lister band over the 18-show tour. The extended middle section shuts the crowd up with its punctuated patches of silence. Absolutely brilliant!

Do I want to hear classic cuts from the albums ‘For Earth Below’ and ‘Bridge of Sighs’? Do I do! In particular, the ‘Earth Below’ songs have been stunning on this tour. But then again, they have an extra special significance for me. These are the songs that got me hooked on Robin Trower in the first place.

I have to say I’m overjoyed to see ‘No Time’ creep into the set, this time round. I have missed Bronzie on this tour but, as mentioned previously, Mr Glenn Letsch has filled the space between the lines in his own inimitable way.


Photo by Alan Howard


This may be a patched up ‘Passion’ band but the combined chemistry  - of the song choices, Robin’s ‘on fire’ guitar playing, Davey dishing out the vocals like a man possessed, Pete playing out of his skin and Glenn’s unique syncopated, swinging bass lines - has been extraordinary, energising, explosive.

In a brief departure from the script, Robin returns to the stage after ‘Little Bit of Sympathy’ and says “tonight is our last night. We’ve been on tour since January so I just wanna say a big ‘Thank You’ to Laurie and Guy, my sound guys, and everyone in the band.”

The band go through their usual “one more” routine after ‘Go My Way’ and we are led to the higher ground that is ‘Another Time, Another Place’. You are the sunshine of my life.


Glenn Letsch. Photo by Alan Howard


Thank you Robin, Glenn, Pete and Davey for playing and singing your hearts out on these unforgettable shows, back home in Olde Blighty!

Our thanks also to the supporting cast notably Aynsley, Jo, Richard, Laurie, Guy, Alan Robinson, Alan on the merchandising stall, together with the local promoters and venue crews who kept the show on the road.


Robin Trower. Photo by Alan Howard


Great to meet up with fellow fans along the way! So many I have known for years, through Trower; many new friends too, connected, more recently, online. The response in the UK this time has been phenomenal. To see so many of the shows ‘sold out’. Absolutely fantastic!

This is Alan Howard reporting for ‘Steve’s Place’ for the last time on this latest Trower UK tour from the Marine Hall, Fleetwood, Lancashire. 31 May 2008.


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