Soul party on the Mersey


Davey Pete and Glenn on the big stage in Birkenhead


Show Three: Friday 10 September 2010 at The Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead


Pete A wants to know when Robin will put I Can’t Wait Much Longer back into the band’s set list. It’s a shame. Sadly, the answer is not on this tour. Into the main hall to see what’s going on.


Set List: Confessin’ Midnight; Lady Love; Somebody Calling; You Can Find Me; Twice Removed From Yesterday; Extermination Blues; Day of the Eagle; Bridge of Sighs; Shame the Devil; The Turning; Too Rolling Stoned; Little Bit of Sympathy.


The cavernous Pacific Road Arts Centre with its 600-plus standing capacity looks roughly two thirds full tonight. Let’s get it on. The Trower Band is flying high after last night’s emphatic victory in the West Midlands.

So it continues on Merseyside. The fourth tune in is You Can Find Me, a new song from the impending CD, the first ever studio release to feature this fabulous line-up. So it begins. An atmospheric start, courtesy of Pete and Glenn, recalling Papa Was A Rolling Stone (without the string section, of course). I got ants in my pants and I want to dance! 

Davey and Robin take up the story, soon in unison, into the flame. It’s bluesy, hypnotic, the beat, relentless. Next in unison, Glenn and Robin. An unnerving spiral of semitones and semiquavers. Glenn repeats the loop. Rockin’ Robin takes it on up from there.

It may be just my imagination running away with me but there are times, when this band play live, I start hearing trumpets and saxes. There’s no horn section on stage with our Fab Four. Yet on a night like tonight Day of the Eagle, Too Rolling Stoned and Little Bit of Sympathy sound like they were written with brass in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been listening to the magnificent Robin Trower Soul Band.

Never can say goodbye but a family celebration is calling me back home. Got to be there. The band is Glasgow-bound then marching onward ever onward into West Yorkshire. Come Sunday. I’ll be there.


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